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There's Plenty of Whirling HERE!

Expect to see actual demonstrations of "whirling" both PEAS & HOMINY. We'll show this up close, so you can see what putting canned SWEET PEAS in a mixer, and pushing "liquify" actually does...THEN, the same thing with GOLDEN HOMINY...who knows what recipes including these two wonderful tasty foods will pop up here!

In the days ahead

We will connect you with people who like their PEACE & HOMINY activity to be spiced with some humorous whimsy...there's NO need to be DEAD serious about making PEACE . . . AND HARMONY.


word 'whirled' whirls

can of green sweet peas & can of golden hominy

WE here at peas & hominy would to change how the world looks at PEACE & HARMONY. For a peek, click the swirling word whirled...go on, it'll take less than a minute of your time, the video is all of 50 seconds your HEART of hearts of hearts . . . you know it'll do you no harm...