Fun With Acronyms

RULES of the "GAME"

This "game" is simplicity, itself. Find a word like ROME, for example. Then make each letter represent a word, at least twice - so that the acronyms come out as near opposite in "meaning" as possible. Absurd? Absolutely! Silly? Sure is! Wanna try it? Here's my entries for ROME: Repugnant Ogres Mauling Earth, AND Rapturous, Overwhelmingly Magnificent Ecstacy, or Respect Our Mother, Earth. ANOTHER example would be PEST: People Expressing Silly Thoughts OR Polemical Economists Stressing Tautologies ( you get the Idea?) Email me your entries and I will post them here, with or without the authors - your choice on the author/anonymous thing, just tell me if you want attribution, ok?
TRY it with P.U.N.K.

Place your cursor pointer over this: G.U.E.S.T
Or, this: P.E.S.T.
OR, this! P.O.E.
(Doesn't work in Netscape) :-(

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the word HOME
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