A New Anagram Game

A new Twist on an Old Word Game

Here's the twist. Sometimes one can create a question out of the anagram of a word, a name, or a phrase, simply by adding one word. I put that word in parentheses to indicate it's not involved in the anagram. If, I or you, the devoted anagram enthusiast, can find any anagrams like this that don't even require one extra word, we could list them here. Who knows, this could spread through the entire world - wide - web...Anyway, here's a few examples that only need that one extra word:

(Is) Jesse Slokum Jules Smokes?

(Is) Margaret Thatcher that great Charmer?

Wanna have some Fun

with acronyms?

DO YOU really like word games?
Nobody's done this before!

Or this:

Some times one word,
and its anagram

Gives us food for Thought

For the truly dedicated to word play

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